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Asian Cinema Education is an invitation to a journey into contemporary Asian cinema and an encouragement to learn to talk and write about it. It is a unique opportunity for all Asian film lovers and future critics to join experts and film festival organizers in discussing the most thrilling film phenomena from East and Southeast Asia.

In this special international project, created by Five Flavours Asian Film Festival, Udine Far East Film Festival, CAMERA JAPAN Festival, and Helsinki Cine Aasia, we will guide you through the key moments in Korean cinema, present various aspects of Japanese film art, and reveal the secrets of Bhutanese cinematography. Asian Cinema Education will present sixteen open remarkable lectures prepared by experts on Asian cinema, introduce free of charge interactive online courses focusing on different aspects of Asian film criticism and journalism, and give you a chance to become a member of the International People’s Jury at Five Flavours Asian Film Festival.



Asian cinema: How to talk and write about it?
An International Online Course in Film Journalism and Criticism

Asian cinema: How to talk and write about it?

A course of Journalism on Asian Cinema
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International People's Jury at Five Flavours Festival

A fascinating journey into the festival world
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