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Archive - 11th Five Flavours Film Festival


18 Nov 2017, Muranów

About the event

Five Flavours presents a film marathon dedicated to all-kinds-of-business people. It is widely known that Asian corporations conquer global markets and, surprisingly, the reality of the world of commerce turns out to be a very inspiring topic for filmmakers. During Corponight we will explore the visions of the authors, showing the buy-sell relationship from a completely new perspective.

The program includes three films, from Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand, that employ a variety of genres to analyze the culture of advertising, marketing and making money in the contemporary world.





dir. Geng Jun, Hong Kong 2017, 98’

A bitter comedy about the small-town face of the Chinese economy. A grumpy peddler selling sweet-scented soap, a monk trading blessings, a forester protecting trees from robbery and a corpse in the middle of a badly paved road. A Kafkaesque sense of humor and minimalist storytelling – a brilliant example of the best traditions of the poetics of independent Chinese cinema.

22:40 Wine & snacks

dir. Kazuya Shiraishi, Japan 2017, 84’

Tokyo neons, crammed nightclub rooms, and a panorama of male fantasies depicted from the perspective of three women working in the erotic industry. Captivating images of a bursting city, a brilliant psychological study of emotions, and an up-front diagnosis of the Japanese society in the era of online sex-marketing.



Sopon Sukdapisit, Thailand 2017, 104'

In the face of a bankruptcy of family business, two inseparable friends decide to take a desperate step. But one of them hesitates before fulfilling the dark promise. The punishment for disloyalty will not come immediately, but it will be deadly serious… Sopon Sakdapisit combines the best traditions of Thai horror cinema and a moving social drama, taking a close look at the enriching middle class and the causes of the real estate economic bubble.

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