Archive - 11th Five Flavours Film Festival

11 Five Flavours Film Festival photo gallery

Opening ceremony
Meeting with Bhutanese legends - Soul Travel
Q&A with Yang Chao - director of "Crosscurrent"
Q&A with Roger Lee - producer of Ann Hui films
Q&A with Ho Yuhang - director of "Mrs.K"
Q&A with Lhaki Dolma and Pema Tshering about "In A Defiled World"
Q&A with Daisuke Miyazaki - director of "Yamato (California)"
Q&A with Naoko Ogigami - director of "Close-Knit"
Q&A with Pema Tshering - shorts from Bhutan
Q&A with Heiward Mak - producer of "Mad World"
Q&A with Lam Wingsum - screenwriter of "Soul Mate"
Q&A with Dechen Roder - director of 'Honeygiver Among The Dogs"
Q&A with Mouly Surya - director of "Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts"
Q&A with Katsuya Tomita - director of "Bangkok Nites"
Q&A with Le Binh Giang - director of "KFC"
Q&A with Weronika Milczewska - director of "Long Way"
Meeting Fresh Wave students
Asian Academy lectures
Debate: cinema in Hong Kong
Closing ceremony
Pop-up dinners: Powidoki and The Cool Cat
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