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Archive - 11th Five Flavours Film Festival

Fresh Wave 2017

17 Nov 2017, Muranów
Hong Kong 2017, 98’
subtitles: Polish and English
language: Cantonese
colouration: colour

About the event

A set of the best short features from the young generation of Hong Kong filmmakers, chosen from among the winners of the Fresh Wave project. The voice of independent filmmakers, originally experimenting with film form.

Fresh Wave is a project implemented in 2005, with Johnnie To and Hong Kong Arts Development Council as its patrons. The proposals chosen from among the entries receive funding and expert supervision, and the completed films take part in a yearly competition. The project is a barometer of what is new and fresh in Hong Kong cinema, but also of the issues crucial for the new generation.

The screenings are accompanied by meetings with the filmmakers.


director: Michelle Hung Tsz-ching
script: Au Wing-yiu, Wong Chi-yeung
cinematography: Ng Chun-chung
producer: Cheuk Kai-yan
cast: Che Wing-hei, Kay Choi, Juliana Wong

Molly has a unique bond with plants she looks after, but the rare flower in the back of her flower shop refuses to bloom. She will have to take care of it in a very particular way. A florist thriller with beautifully composed, sweet smelling frames.


director: Jun Li
script: Chuk Tsz-yin, Jun Li, Yeung Leung-cheun
cinematography: Eric Tsang Hing-weng
producer: Joy Liu
cast: Rain Lau, Ko Hon-man

awards: Fresh Wave Open Division 2017 – Best Film

Liu Yang is not just the name of a river, but also the title of a well-know communist song, sang during the land reform period, when young people were sent to work in the fields and factories. This is when Ms Kah-kah had an accident – today she charges her clients by the hour in her tiny apartment. One of them seems to win her authentic friendship. A warm, genuine story about bonds that appear despite the circumstances.


director, script, cinematography: Cheung Yin-kei
producer: Pikyi Lee
cast: Joman Chiang, Himmy Wong, Chloe Yeung

Nim works in a suicide helpline – she is one of the best specialists helping the desperate callers. One day she receives a phone call from someone who played a tragic role in her own life. A gripping, touching story about fighting for human life and one’s own humanity.


director, script: Li Cheuk-shing
cinematography: To Tsz-yuet

A documentary film inside a film. A student talks about her experiences working in the sex industry. It is a great theme for the young documentary filmmaker behind the camera, but isn’t chasing after a controversial topic causing her to lose something important?

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