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Archive - 11th Five Flavours Film Festival

New Asian Cinema

New Asian Cinema Competition Section

Each year, the New Asian Cinema competition is the highlight of Five Flavours program. It's a selection of the most original and wildly discussed new productions from East, Southeast and South Asia.


The filmmakers competing for the Grand Prix of the Festival are not afraid to take up serious subjects and lead the cinema of the region in new directions. Their films are unique in both form and subject, pushing the borders of cinematic imagination, and shedding new light on the problems of the modern world. This year, Five Flavours competition section includes several titles in which auteur cinema is brilliantly intertwined with generic conventions – the framework of a thriller, western, or gangster film is used to speak about the challenges of the contemporary world.


Most of the competition screenings will be followed by Q&A sessions with the festival's guests. Among the filmmakers to introduce their films at 11th Five Flavours are Ho Yuhang (Malaysia), Le Binh Giang (Vietnam), Mouly Surya (Indonesia), Dechen Roder (Bhutan), Heiward Mak (Hong Kong), Daisuke Miyazaki (Japan) and Katsuya Tomita (Japan).


The winner of the 3,500 EUR Grand Prix sponsored by the Polish Film Institute will be chosen by the People’s Jury, made up of cinema enthusiasts and fans of Asian culture. Another honorary award-winner will be chosen by the NETPAC Jury, the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema, which will be composed of: Sonali Joshi (UK), Siddiq Barmak (Afghanistan), Cüneyt Cebenoyan (Turkey). 

Bangkok Nites
dir. Katsuya Tomita
Japan, Laos, Thailand, France 2016, 183’
Dark is the Night
dir. Adolfo Alix Jr.
Philippines 2017, 106’
Free and Easy
dir. Geng Jun
Hong Kong 2017, 97’
dir. Chung Mong-hong
Taiwan 2016, 111’
Honeygiver Among the Dogs
dir. Dechen Roder
Bhutan 2017, 132’
dir. Lê Bình Giang
Vietnam 2016, 69’
Live from Dhaka
dir. Abdullah Mohammad Saad
Bangladesh 2016, 91’
Mad World
dir. Wong Chun
Hong Kong 2016, 101’
Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts
dir. Mouly Surya
Indonesia, France, Malaysia, Thailand  2017, 93’
Mrs K
dir. Ho Yuhang
Malaysia, Hong Kong, China 2016, 97’
Yamato (California)
dir. Daisuke Miyazaki
Japan 2016, 119’

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