Five Flavours FF Tickets

Tickets for all festival screenings will be available online from 22th October, noon.

All films are screened in original languages with English and Polish subtitles.

  • available online for all the screenings via www.piecsmakow.pl from 22th October, noon
  • for screenings at the Muranow cinema: available at the venue from 23th October (reservations: 22 635 25 29, Muranow.gutekfilm.pl)
  • for screeinings at the Kinoteka cinema: available at the venue from 24th October (22 551 70 70, Kinoteka.pl)
  • all tickets are available in the Going app


ticket prices

  • 22 PLN – screenings at Muranów and Kinoteka cinemas (except special screenings)

  • 17 PLN - screenings on Monday and films starting before 17:00 on working days

  • 30 PLN - opening gala

  • 55 PLN - Asian Horror Night, Animation Night


Regulations of the ticket sales

  • The online sale of the tickets for a specific event is limited by the number of tickets and lasts until the ticket poll is available.
  • Tickets cannot be returned, in accordance of the §6 of the regulations.
  • Payments for the ordered tickets must be made within 48 hours following online receipt of the order.
  • You can pay for tickets purchased online by using one of the available forms of electronic payment offered on the festival website (DotPay service).
  • Once payment for tickets has been made, the purchaser will receive an e-mail confirming that the order has been completed, within 2 business days after the payment.
  • Pass bearers are entitled to tickets at a discount price for selected special events.
  • Five Flavours reserves the right to cancel the sales at any time and for any reason, without giving a reason.
  • Tickets have to be shown before entering the screening room, as an electronic ticket saved on a mobile device or as a printed version.
  • Once payment for tickets has been made, the purchaser can print the tickets by choosing "my orders" on the website and then clicking "print tickets".
contact: info@piecsmakow.pl
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