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Archive - 11th Five Flavours Film Festival

The Promise

Puen Tee Raluek
Thailand 2017, 114’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Sopon Sakdapisit
screenplay: Sopana Chaowiwatkul, Supalerk Ningsanond, Sophon Sakdapisit
cinematography: Niramon Ross
editing: Pongsakorn Chanchalermchai, Thammarat Sumethsupachok, Tanasak Yanjan
music: Vichaya Vatanasapt
cast: Numthip Jongrachatawiboon, Apichaya Thongkham, Thunyaphat Pattarateerachaicharoen, Panisara Rikulsurakan, Duentem Salitul, Benjamin Joseph Varney, Suchada Poonpattanasuk
producer: Vanridee Pongsittisak, Chenchonnee Soonthonsaratul, Suwimon Techasupinan, Weerachai Yaikwawong
production: GDH 559, Jorkwang Films
language: Thai
colouration: colour

Film description

The year 1997 was the time of a harsh economic crisis in Thailand. Wealthy families of two friends lose everything, and the girls have to say goodbye to the dreams of living together in a luxurious apartment building. They fear they will be separated and decide to take a desperate step, but one of them will hesitate before fulfilling the dramatic promise. The consequences are inevitable. And deadly serious.

Sopon Sakdapisit combines the best traditions of Thai horrors with the plot rooted deep in the history of the country of the past two decades. Similar to the cult "Laddaland," it takes a critical look at the enriching middle class, this time observing the world of developers and profiteers who play with fire and refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes. The core of the film consists of a traditional, dependable, modern-day story of revenge from the underworld with a pinch of 1990s nostalgia. In the razor-sharp frames, the director juxtaposes stylish interiors of the protagonists’ apartment, and the gloomy dread of the unfinished, empty carcass of a skyscraper. Modernity and rationality meets the inexplicable and the uncontrollable. Is there anything harder to suppress than the fury of a betrayed friend?

Jagoda Murczyńska

Sopon Sakdapisit

The hope of Thai horror, author of scripts for renown horror films: "Shutter", "Alone," "Phobia," and "Phobia 2," director of award-winning favorites of the Thai audience, cleverly combining the genre conventions to show the dark sides of modern reality.


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2017 Obietnica / Puen Tee Raluek / The Promise

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