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Archive - 11th Five Flavours Film Festival

Genre Classics

Restored Classics

The development of technology gave cinema more than just dazzling special effects used in studio blockbusters. Thanks to the possibility of scanning even the oldest film negatives and the digital sound and picture reconstruction, every year a number of historic break-through productions comes back to the cinemas.


The 11th edition of Five Flavours is a unique opportunity to see recently restored productions from Asia. This year, the festival focuses on genre classics, presenting the cult film by Seijun Suzuki, "Tokyo Drifter" (1966) – a pioneering work of gangster cinema genre in Japan and Asia, "The Secret" (1979) – a new wave work by Ann Hui, a mixture of thriller, horror and drama set in a foggy, smoky Hong Kong of the late 1970s; and "Made in Hong Kong" (1997) – a non-compromising debut by Fruit Chan, in which the director skilfully juggles the conventions of auteur and mainstream cinema to tell a story of the city at the times of political changes.

Interview with Bede Cheng about film restoration
Made in Hong Kong
dir. Fruit Chan
Hong Kong 1997, 108’
The Secret
dir. Ann Hui
Hong Kong 1979, 90’
Tokyo Drifter
dir. Seijun Suzuki
Japan 1966, 89’

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