Pięć Smaków w Domu

Key Moments in Korean Film History

Darcy Paquet
language: English
subtitles: Polish, English, Dutch, Finnish, Italian


The lecture provides a general introduction to the history of South Korean film, from its origins in the 1910s and 1920s up until the mid-1990s, which is often seen as the starting point of contemporary Korean cinema. The lecturer describes some of the dramatic events in 20th century Korean history, and outlines the achievements that filmmakers made in the face of political turmoil, strict censorship and widespread social upheaval.

Darcy Paquet

Darcy Paquet is the founder of Koreanfilm.org and the author of "New Korean Cinema: Breaking the Waves" (2010). A former correspondent for Screen International and Variety, he currently teaches at the Busan Asian Film School. He also works as a programme consultant for the Udine Far East Film Festival. In 2013 he co-launched the Wildflower Film Awards Korea, which celebrates achievement in Korean independent cinema, and he has also done subtitle translation for over 100 films including "Parasite", "The Handmaiden", and "The Woman Who Ran". Darcy has been living in Seoul since 1997.


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