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Golden Cousin

Serga Mathang
Bhutan 2017, 140’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Kesang P. Jigme
screenplay: Kesang P. Jigme
cinematography: Choeku Dorji
editing: Kesang P. Jigme
music: Tashi Wangdi
cast: Tsheing Phuntsho, Dechen Wangmo, Sonam Choden Tenzin, Ugyen Doji, Aum Zam, Sonam Chophel
producer: Pema Tshering
production: Thuktro Productions
language: Dzongkha, Sharchop
colouration: colour

awards and festivals

16th National Film Awards - Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Film, Prime Minister's Award

Film description

Little Tsheten and a boy her age, Sonam, are cousins growing up in a small village. They are good friends, and their lonely parents decide that for the sake of the family the children should one day get married, in accordance with the ancient local tradition. But when Sonam grows up and leaves for college, he becomes aware the dangers of marrying one’s close relative.

"The Golden Cousin" was a huge hit in Bhutan, using the convention of a melodrama to raise an important social issue. It combines the stylistics of a tale and distant inspirations from Bollywood cinema with a realistic convention. The film avoids easy moral judgments, portraying the entire complexity of the characters’ predicament. The plot is complemented by lyrical songs, based on traditional Bhutanese melodies.

Jagoda Murczyńska

Kesang P. Jigme

Actor and director, winner of National Film Awards for directing and the script of "The Golden Cousin."


2005 Jigthar 

2017 Złoty kuzyn / Serga Mathang / Golden Cousin

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