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Archive - 9th Five Flavours Film Festival

Women And Feminism in Asia

About the event

This year's retrospective of Japanese female directors is a pretext to discuss the role of women in the Asian film business, popculture, and media. The Academy also includes meetings devoted to genre cinema and debates on current social matters.

Program of the Academy:

13 XI, 16:00 - Faces of Taiwanese Femininity in Modern Films and TV Series - lecture by Dr Adina Zemanek from the Jagiellonian University
16 XI, 16:00 - From Modan Garu To Nikushoku Joshi. A Modern Japanese Woman in Literary Works and Film - lecture by Nikodem Karolak from Adam Mickiewicz University
17 XI, 15:00 - Female New Wave: female directors in modern Japanese cinema - lecture by Jagoda Murczyńska, the curator of the section
18 XI, 16:00 - Gender Behind the Camera. Women in film business - a debate with female directors from Asia and Poland: Miwa Nishikawa, Kulikar Sotho, Justyna Tafel (dicussion will be held in English)
19 XI, 16:00 - Women in Korean Society - lecture by Paulina Cabańska and Marta Maria Matusik from Adam Mickiewicz University
19 XI, 20:30 - Museum of Modern Art: Screening of a documentary on Japanese feminism "What Are You Afraid Of?" directed by Hisako Matsui

Lectures are held at the Museum of Asia and the Pacific, ul. Solec 24

Screening of "What Are You Afraid Of?" at the Museum of Modern Art, ul. Emilii Plater 51

Free entrance

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