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Archive - 11th Five Flavours Film Festival

People's Jury 2017

Of the 11 films include in the New Asia Competition, eleven People's Jury memebers were chosen among enthusiasts of cinema and Asian cultures, awarded one title with the Grand Prix Prize of 11. Five Flavours Asian Film Festival. The winning title received a prize of EUR 3,500 funded by the Polish Film Institute.

People’s Jury members were:

  • Jowita Agnieszka Czubek
  • Agata Herbich
  • Maja Jankowska
  • Julia Niedziejko
  • Katarzyna Karpińska
  • Patrycja Wysokińska
  • Dominika Drzastwa
  • Marcin Zwolan
  • Szymon Szeszuła
  • Michał Mielnik
  • Paweł Skrzypczak

Substantive care over the People's Jury's work was taken up by Joanna Ostrowska - born on 1983, doctor of humanities in history (Faculty of History, Jagiellonian University), graduate of film studies at the Institute of Audiovisual Arts of the Jagiellonian University, Department of Jewish Studies at Jagiellonian University and Gender Studies at the University of Warsaw, also studied film and television production at the PWSFTviT in Łódź, Socrates-Erasmus scholarship holder at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, a member of Krytyka Polityczna and Restart, she has published in numerous magazines and collective publications; co-author of, inter alia, the following books: "Kino Polskie 1989-2009, Critical History", "Holland: Guide to Political Criticism" and "Women against the Holocaust, a story which was later told". She lectured at the Department of Judaism of the Jagiellonian University, at the Gender Studies of the Jagiellonian University, the University of Warsaw and the Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, at the UAM Border Research Laboratory and at the Jewish Open University.

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