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Asian Horror Night - 29 X

A tale of blood-thirsty rats and merciless vengeance, a battle between legendary j-horror icons and a masterpiece taking the viewers down to the deepest abyss of hell... The Asian Horror Night is the favourite event of Five Flavours audience!

Every year, dozens of great horror films made in Asia are ardently greeted by the fans of the genre. The Asian Horror Night is a unique opportunity to see the best of them on the big screen in a terrifying setting. The past year brought an extraordinary number of earth-shattering titles, so join us for an event which will leave even the toughest viewers shaking!

This year's Asian Horror Night is held as part of Halloween celebrations, on Saturday, October 29th, in Muranów cinema, at 8:00 pm. 

During the intermission, the viewers will be invited for a testing of original Japanese dishes Oyakata, offered in three flavors: Classic, Beef Wasabi and Chicken Teriyaki. „OYAKATA” in Japanese means „Master”, so discover with us masterly taste of dishes Oyakata!



October 29th, Saturday, Muranów cinema

  • 20:00 - The Wailing, dir. Na Hong-jin, South Korea 2016, 156'
  • 22:45 - Japanese tasting of dishes 
  • 23:15 - The Piper, dir. Kim Kwang-tae, South Korea 2015, 107'
  • 01:00 - Sadako vs Kayako, dir. Koji Shiraishi, Japan 2016, 98'

Tickets: 45 PLN, free entrance for Master Pass holders

SOUTH KOREA 2016 (156')

A sleepy village somewhere in the Korean province experiences a series of shocking, violent deaths - possibly murders. On top of that, some villagers show signs of a mysterious disease, which drives them into madness. The investigation is led by a kind-hearted, drowsy Jong-goo, whose professional routine has so far been limited to hanging around in the police station and "patrolling" the neighborhood. Though he is utterly unprepared for leading this complicated case, he will have to treat is very seriously, as his beloved daughter starts showing symptoms of the possession...

The situation soon gets out of control, turning into a sequence of terrifying, illogical events. A confrontation with powerful forces will push Jong-goo to suspend his belief in the world he knew. What should he do? Whom should he trust? Na Hong-jin is a master of deception and emotional rollercoasters, enhancing the feeling of paranoia and entrapment, leading his characters into the ever-darker depths of the nightmare. Flooded with heavy rain and dark colors, "The Wailing" is a unique cinematic experience and a mystery that will give you goosebumps.

The film was a great hit in Korean cinemas and was successfully marketed abroad. Already in Cannes, it was hailed one of the best, most blood-chilling masterpieces of the recent years.


JAPAN 2016 (98')

There would be no J-horror without "The Ring" and "The Grudge". Each of the films has a number of sequels and remakes - it's high time their two deadly protagonists met in a duel. This is more than just an encounter of two merciless demons - it is a blood-chilling battle between the true legends of Japanese cinema.
The story starts off quite innocently. Two teenagers, Natsumi and Yuri, buy an old VCR to digitalize old footage of their parents. Inside, they discover an old cassette containing the video well-known to every "The Ring" fan. Meanwhile, another girl, Suzuka, moves into another house with her parents, and discovers a mysterious, abandoned building nearby, an object of many bizarre rumors in the neighborhood. The two seemingly unrelated stories will be brought together by a self-confident exorcist, Keizo, and his companion - a strange girl in a red cape...
Sadako vs Kayako
Sadako vs Kayako, dir. Koji Shiraishi


SOUTH KOREA 2015 (107')

The Korean War is over. A limp flute player, Woo-ryong, wanders through the country's impoverished wastelands with his sick son. They are headed for Seoul, where the boy will be examined by a doctor. They find themselves in a small, nameless village and decide to rest there for a few days. The nervous villagers hid a secret to hide, and their leader still hasn't told them the war was over. But their main problem is a pack of blood-thirsty rats boldly attacking the houses. Woo-ryong promises to eradicate them with his music, but when he does, instead of gratitude, the villagers show him their dark side. It's time for revenge - the flute will sing once again...
The film seduces with its hypnotic, disturbing rhythm, and its changing conventions. The story, starts off as a green-bathed fairy tale, but moves straight to its powerful, merciless, red-ridden finale. "The Piper" is a full-blooded horror.
The Piper
The Piper, dir. Kim Kwang-Tae

Tickets for Asian Horror Night are available also in Kino Muranów cinema ticket office.

The event is financed by The City of Warsaw as a part of Radio Asia Project.

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