Rediscovered Classics

This year, Five Flavours Film Festival continues the screenings of reconstructed Asian classics. It is a unique opportunity to discover the lesser known history of Asian cinema and see the rediscovered gems. The classics section of the 10th edition of the Festival includes "Daughter ogf the Nile" (1987) – one of the early films by Hou Hsiao-hsien, a touching portrait of a generation coming of age in the pop-cultural atmosphere of the 1980s; "Our Sister Hedy," about four modern women from the modernizing Hong Kong; "Santi-Vina" (1954) – a moving Buddhist melodrama, a long-lost first Thai color film, perfectly utilizing the possibilities of the new medium; "Salaam Bombay!" (1988) – a strikingly authentic account of the life on the streets of an Indian city, a ground-breaking film by Mira Nair.

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