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My Technicolor Girl

Yume no onna, yume no hito
Japan 2015, 71’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Rei Sakamoto
screenplay: Futoshi Nakano
cinematography: Sachi Kagami
cast: Kazuhiro Sano, Kiyomi Ito, Hanako Wada, Maki Nishiyama
producer: Shosuke Asakura, Kazuhito Morita, Ken Takatsudo
language: Japanese
colouration: colour

Awards and festivals

Osaka IFF 2016, Nippon Connection 2016

Film description

Nagano spent the last 40 years in a psychiatric hospital in Fukushima Prefecture. During the evacuation following the March 2011 catastrophe, it turned out there was no reason for his hospitalization. The man returns to reality and dreams of one thing only – meeting a girl he knew in high school, his first and only lover. The contemporary world he discovers does not make it easy for him to achieve his goal, but the women he meets along the way will surprise him on many levels.

This bitter-sweet story, filled with unorthodox humor, was produced by a studio specializing in pinku eiga ("pink" erotic cinema), which hoped to expand to other creative fields, following the crisis in their industry. Despite the low budget, the filmmakers created a simple, original story, combining the unreserved attitude towards sex, and the humanistic approach, characteristic for the Japanese Middle Cinema. Nagano's journey to Tokyo is also a chance for a sober look at the contemporary Japanese society, which shows the protagonists its best, worst, and weirdest sides.

Jagoda Murczyńska

Rei Sakamoto

Born in 1973 in Tokyo. Studied at the Nikkatsu Visual Arts Academy, simultaneously working as the assistant of Takahisa Zeze and Toshiki Sato. In 1999, he directed a "pink" film, "3 Balls, 1 Strike," and continued this career path, becoming one of the "Seven Lucky Gods" – a group of the most important pinku directors of the early 21st century.


1999 Seks przyjaciele: mokra pora roku / 3 Balls, 1 Strike / Sex friend: Nurezakari

2001 Dziewczyna z XXI wieku / 21st Century Girl / 18sai: Shitagi no naka no uzuki

2003 Mężatka z portowego miasta: kiedy ty byłeś na rybach... / Minatomachi no hitozuma: anata ga ryō ni deteru ma ni

2007 Strawberries and the Gun / Injo: Gibo to sankyodai

2015 The Story of Noriko / Noriko no baai

2015 Dziewczyna w technikolorze / My Technicolor Girl / Yume no onna, yume no hito

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