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Banana Paradise

Xiangjiao tiantang
Taiwan 1989, 148’
subtitles: English only
director: Wang Tung
screenplay: Wang Xiao-di, Song Hong
cinematography: Liao Beng-rong
editing: Chen Sheng-Chang
cast: Doze Niu, Zhang Shi
language: Mandarin, Min Nan
colouration: colour

Awards and festivals

Golden Horse FF 1990 – najlepszy aktor pierwszoplanowy, scenariusz, dźwięk

Film description

"Door Latch" and his friend Li De-sheng have been drafted by the Chinese nationalist Army, they dream about Taiwan that has always been represented to them as a treasure island. But after arriving in Taiwan, they face many difficulties, change their name, are taken for spies. "Door Latch" meets a woman Yue-Xiang whose husband is dying. "Door latch" uses the diploma of the deceased husband to get a job.

The film is a humorous chronicle encompassing many decades tells about the fate of simple Chinese soldiers, separated from their family, unable to communicate with the local Taiwanese population and struggling to survive. After the lift of the Martial Law, films could finally deal with the taboo topic of the White Terror and the difficult life of the veterans after the retreat on Taiwan.

Wafa Ghermani

Wang Tung

(Wang Zhong-he), born in 1942 in Anhui, emigrated with his family to Taiwan in 1949. He started his career in film working as a set and costume designer. In 1980 he directed his first movie. Tung is famous for his adaptation of Huang Chun-min’s novel "A Flower in the Rainy Night" (1983) and a trilogy on Taiwan history - "The Hill of No return", "The Strawman", and "Banana Paradise".

Selected filmography:

1983 Kan hai de rizi / A Flower in the Rainy Night
1987 Daocaoren / The Strawman
1992 Wu yan de sanqiu / The Hill of no Return
1995 Hong shizi / The Red Persimmon
2005 Fire Ball

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