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Archive - 7th Five Flavours Film Festival


South Korea 2012, 108’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: O Muel
screenplay: O Muel
cinematography: Yang Joong-hoon
editing: Lee Do-hyun
music: Jun Song-e
cast: Sung Mun-chul, Yang Jung-won, Oh Young-soon
language: Jeju, Korean
colouration: colour

Awards and festivals

Busan IFF 2012 - Nagroda sieci kin CGV, Nagroda Gildii Koreańskich Reżyserów za reżyserię, Nagroda Jury NETPAC; Sundance IFF 2013 - Wielka Nagroda Jury dla filmu zagranicznego; Międzynarodowy Festiwal Kina Azjatyckiego w Vesoul 2013 - Złoty Okrąg

Film description

1948, a village on Jeju Island, where a small communist uprising recently took place. The island is taken over by the army, faithful to Seoul and the American allies. The authorities force the inhabitants to leave – whoever stays will be treated as a communist and a rebel. The army can shoot anyone who disobeys the orders.

A group of simple villagers doesn’t want to leave all their possessions behind. They hide from the army in a cave, gathering the necessary provisions ("jiseul" means a potato, their basic food supply). The story of the people in hiding is juxtaposed with the fate of the soldiers who chase after them. They are all simple people, whom the history threw into the middle of a conflict they don't understand.

The film is based on historical events, the roles of the villagers are played by the inhabitants of the island, who speak their own dialect. This anti-spectacular film, shot in black and white, using the poetics of absurdity and cruelty, works over a trauma of the civil war, which, even after 50 years, still divides the nation. The conflict is shown from a socio-geographical perspective peripheral for the mainland Korea.

Jakub Majmurek

O Muel

Born in 1971, a Korean painter, film and theatrical director, performer and culture animator, bound with the Jeju island, situated South from the Korean Penninsula. A member of a film collective Terror J, leader of an Independent Association of Jeju Filmmakers. The author of four feature films, all of which take place on his home island.


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