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Bangladesh 2015, 88’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Rubaiyat Hossain
screenplay: Rubaiyat Hossain
cinematography: Martina Radwan
editing: Sujan Mahmud
music: Shayan Chowdhury
cast: Shahana Goswami, Rahul Bose, Mita Rahman
producer: Ashique Mostafa, Rubaiyat Hossain
production: Khona Talkies
language: Bengali
colouration: colour

Awards and festivals

Asian American IFF 2016 – Emerging Director Award; Dhaka IFF 2016 – Best Audience Award, Women Film Maker's Section Award (Special Mention); Vesoul Asian FF 2016 - Jury Prize of the International Jury, Critics Jury Award (Special Mention), Emile Guimet Award;

Film description

Roya is a modern Muslim from the Bengali middle class. She is a theatrical actress, which is not entirely in accordance with the wishes of her mother and husband – the latter presses her to think about maternity. Meanwhile, the production she stars in is invited for a European tournée, giving Roya the opportunity to step up her career and represent her country in a play with an important political subplot.

The story of a 30-year old woman, her artistic maturation and "outgrowing" her young character from the play, is a tale about creative development and the dilemmas brought about by the expectations of the conservative society, but also about civil responsibility. The director uses fragments of Rabindranath Tagore's "Red Oleanders," a play from the beginning of the 20th century describing the clash of free spirit and social norms. In the background, we see a story of another woman, Roya's ex-housekeeper, working in dangerous conditions in one of the textile factories in Bangladesh. This layered, moving film is a rare opportunity to look at the contemporary reality of the region from a female perspective, shown in an honest, non-compromising way.

Jagoda Murczyńska

Rubaiyat Hossain

Director, producer, actress, screenwriter. Graduated in Women Studies from Smith College and in Asian Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. She worked for NGOs and co-authored the first international workshops about female sexuality and women's rights at the BRAC University in Dhaka. Her first full-lenght feature, the anti-war "Meherjaan," was shown and awarded at numerous international festivals, but was banned in Bangladesh a week after its premiere.


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