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Rigor Mortis

Geung si
Hong Kong 2013, 105’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Juno Mak
screenplay: Leung Lai-yin, Philip Yung
cinematography: Ng Man-ching
editing: David M. Richardson
music: Nate Connelly
cast: Anthony Chan, Chin Siu-ho, Kara Hui, Lo Hoi-pang, Richard Ng, Paw Hee-ching
producer: Juno Mak, Takashi Shimizu
language: Cantonese
colouration: colour

Awards and festivals

Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film – nagroda Jury / Jury Award; Gérardmer FF – nagroda Jury / Jury Award; Hong Kong Film Awards – najlepsza aktorka drugoplanowa / Best Supporting Actress (Kara Hui), najlepsza produkcja dźwięku / Best Sound Production; Golden Horse FF – nagroda FIPRESCI

Film description

A gloomy skyscraper. A haunted apartment. Dark magic. Someone brings a vampire to life. Juno Mak's "Rigor Mortis" is made up of well-known elements of horror cinema. But its value lies not in what it shows, but in how it shows it. Digital effects coexist harmoniously with Taoist magic, and the director brilliantly combines two Asian genres: vampire cinema and J-horror. It is an homage to the classic Hong Kong vampire pictures of the 80s, and at the same time a successful attempt at reinterpreting the subject. But above all, "Rigor Mortis" is an elegy about passing, about death as the inevitable element of human life.

Krzysztof Gonerski

Juno Mak

Born 1984 in Hong Kong; a pop singer, film actor, screenwriter, director, producer, fashion ambassador. He produced his own album and music videos before acting for Pang Ho-cheung ("Dream Home") and Wong Ching-po ("Revenge: a Love Story," which he co-wrote, and "Let's Go!," which he co-produced).


2013 Rigor Mortis / Geung si / Rigor Mortis

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