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Archive - 8th Five Flavours Film Festival

Let the Bullets Fly

Rang zi dan fei
China, Hong Kong 2010, 132’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Jiang Wen
screenplay: Guo Junli, Jiang Wen, Shu Ping, Zhu Sujin, Wei Xiao, Li Bukong
cinematography: Zhao Fei
editing: Wei Jie Cao, Wen Jiang
music: Joe Hisaichi, Nan Shu
cast: Chow Yun-fat, Jiang Wen, Ge You, Carina Lau, Zhou Yu
producer: Wen Jiang, Albert Lee, Barbie Tung, Homber Yin, Hai Cheng Zhao
language: Mandarin
colouration: colour

Awards and festivals

China Film Director's Guild Awards – najlepszy film, reżyseria, aktor pierwszoplanowy / Best Film, Director, and Actor; Chinese Film Media Awards – najlepsza reżyseria, aktor pierwszoplanowy / Best Director, Actor; Golden Horse Film Festival – najlepsze zdjęcia / Best Cinematography, Asian Film Awards – najlepsze kostiumy / Best Costumes; Hong Kong Film Awards – najlepsze kostiumy i charakteryzacja / Best Costumes and Make-up; Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards – najlepsza reżyseria / Best Director

Film description

China, the turbulent 1920s. Zhang, the leader of a band of robbers, accidentally becomes a mayor of a town which has been terrorized for years by the unscrupulous Huang. The two deserving opponents will fight a ruthless battle for honour and power. The great strength of the movie lies in its brilliant dialogues and a precise script – the cunning ripostes run faster than bullets, and the scales of victory keep tipping from one side to the other. The whole picture is completed by the imaginative bloody action sequences, satirical political commentary and the ever-present references to classic Westerns. Jiang's auteur piece is a cinematic bullet which hits the bull's eye.

Marcin Krasnowolski

Jiang Wen

Born 1963. Chinese actor, screenwriter, and director. After graduating from the prestigious Beijing Central Academy of Drama in 1984, he began his career as film and TV actor. In 1994 he made his debut as a director. His second film, "Devils on the Doorstep," won a Grand Prix award in Cannes. "Let the Bullets Fly" broke all Chinese box office records in opening weekend.


1994 Yang guang can lan de ri zi / In the Heat of the Sun
Diabły za progiem / Guizi lai le / Devils on the Doorstep
Słońce tez wschodzi / Tai yang zhao chang sheng qi / The Sun Also Rises
Zakochany Nowy Jork / New York, I Love You (nowela "Wen Jiang")
2010 Niech zatańczą kule / Rang zi dan fei / Let the Bullets Fly

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