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Miss Zombie

Japan 2013, 85’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Sabu
screenplay: Sabu
cinematography: Daisuke Sôma
editing: Naoichiro Sagara
music: Keisuke Shibuya
cast: Ayaka Komatsu, Makoto Togashi, Toru Tezuka, Riku Onishi, Taro Suruga, Tateto Serizawa, Takaya Yamauchi
producer: Yoshiki Kumazawa, Satake Kazumi
language: Japanese
colouration: b&w

Awards and festivals

International Fantasy Film Award 2014 - Najlepszy film / Best Film; Fantasporto 2014 - Specjalna nagroda jury sekcji Orient Express / Orient Express Section Special Jury Award; Gérardmer Film Festival 2014 - Najlepszy film / Grand Prize

Film description

"Miss Zombie" - this could be a title of a living-dead themed comedy. But not this time. This picture by the cult director is an existential drama in which a zombie is the embodiment of the strange, piercing drama about alienation and the loss of identity. This small, black-and-white film with an enchanting, impressionistic visual side and the silent part played by Ayaki Komatsu is a story of Sara, half-woman, half-zombie, surrounded by hostile, objectifying people, who tries to answer to the question: who am I? A zombie, a woman, a mother? Sabu's film is an original perspective on the issue of the limits of humanity, of what makes us human.

Krzysztof Gonerski


Born as Hiroyuki Tanaka in 1964. Screenwriter, self-taught director, and occasional actor (e.g. "Ichi the Killer"). Know mostly for his award-winning, exuberant yakuza action comedies, and his ability to combine absurd humor with melancholy (FIPRESCI award at 2000 Berlinale for "Monday," NETPAC award at 2003 Berlinale for "Blessing Bell," Jury Award at Fantasia Film Festival for "Driver").

Selected filmography:

1996 D.A.N.G.A.N Runner / Dangan ranna
1997 Posutoman burusu / Postman Blues
1998 Anrakkī monkī / Unlucky Monkey
2000 Monday
2002 Drive
2003 Kōfuku no kane / Blessing Bell
2003 Hard Luck Hero
2005 Hōrudo appu daun / Hold Up Down
2011 Usagi doroppu / Bunny Drop
2013 Miss Zombie

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