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Archive - 10th Five Flavours Film Festival

Fresh Wave 2015

Hong Kong 2015, 74’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Lam Ting-hin, Ng Chun, Chan Kam-hei
colouration: colour

Film description

A set of the best short films made by the youngest generation of Hong Kong filmmakers, chosen from the winners of the Fresh Wave project.

The project  was implemented in 2005, with Johnnie To and Hong Kong Arts Development Council as its patrons. The proposals chosen from among the entries receive funding and expert supervision, and the completed films take part in a yearly competition - a barometer of what is new and fresh in the cinema, but also of the issues important for the new generation. The films chosen for the 9th Five Flavours FF include original, thrilling genre films, but also stories connected to current social issues.

The screenings will be accompanied by meetings with the filmmakers.


Hong Kong 2015, 25'

director: Lam Ting-hin

screenwriter: Tang Leong-fai

cinematography: Lam Ting-hin

language: Cantonese, Urdu


A short story about an unexpected friendship between two high school friends - Tsz Kit, raised in a middle-class home in Hong Kong, whose mother forces him to take piano lessons, and Ali who comes from a Muslim family and loves cricket. An intriguing social portrait showing the multicultural face of the city, but, above all, a story about discovering a passion.



Hong Kong 2015, 25'

director: Ng Chun

screenwriter: Ng Chun

cinematography: Chung Po-wang

language: Cantonese


A young man, Nine, works in an old laundry. A watch he accidentally finds in one of the pockets and has to return to its owner, becomes a pretext to meet the people from the neighborhood which will soon lose its character to raging developers. An up-to-date, colorful portrait of a disappearing urban space, with its small workshops, meeting points, and irreplaceable interpersonal bonds.


Hong Kong 2015, 24'

director: Chan Kam-hei

screenwriter: Wong Wing-yiu, Chan Kam-hei

cinematography: Chan Hok-lun

language: kantoński

awards: Fresh Wave Award 2015; Fresh Wave Best Film Award (Student Division) 2015; Fresh Wave Best Script (Student Division) 2015

The teenage Nam is raised like a boy – to meet the expectations of her mother and grandfather, every morning she goes to school in a boy's uniform. Thanks to her friend, Yeung, she has a place where she can go back to her true identity. The troubles begin when one day the boy disappears without a trace. This lightly told novella is a fresh perspective on the emotions of coming of age in difficult circumstances, and the courage to face adulthood.

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