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Archive - 9th Five Flavours Film Festival


Indonesia 2014, 95’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Eddie Cahyono
screenplay: Eddie Cahyono
cinematography: Ujel Bausad
editing: Greg Arya
music: Krisna Purna
cast: Sekar Sari, Bintang Timur Widodo, Titi Dibyo, Ibnu Widodo, Haydar Saliz, Delia Nuswantoro, Chelsy Bettido
producer: Silvia Indah Rini, Ifa Isfansyah
production: Fourcolours Films
language: Indonesian
colouration: b&w

Awards and festivals

Singapore IFF 2014 - Best Performance Award; Shanghai IFF 2015 - Asian New Talents Award for Best Screenplay; Jogja-Netpac Asian FF 2014; Rotterdam IFF 2015; Udine Far East FF 2015; Taipei IFF 2015; Bangkok ASEAN FF 2015; Telluride 2015; Hamburg Filmfest 2015; Vancouver IFF 2015

Film description

Siti is a young mother who works on the shore during the day, selling snacks to people relaxing on the beach. At nights, she makes money in a local karaoke club. She has to provide for her son and her husband, paralyzed after a boat accident, who refuses to talk to her, offended by the way his wife earns their living. But the woman refuses to be victimized – she's still an energetic and full of life, fighting all the obstacles on her own terms.

The black-and-white film by Eddie Cahyono is not just another story about poverty and tragedy in the less privileged regions of the world. The neorealist convention takes it to a level of a universal emancipation story and a fighting for yourself, about the role of intimacy and support, which can come from an unexpected way. The director allows us to look under the postcard beauty of the Indonesian tourist paradise – to see the deep, real portraits of the people working in it. The convincing, balanced acting is particularly noteworthy, especially on the part of Sekar Sari, a debutant cast in the leading role, and the charming Bintang Widodo who plays her son.

Jagoda Murczyńska

Eddie Cahyono

Born in 1977, studied at the Indonesian Institute of Art in Yogyakarta. Since 1998, he has been making shorts, for which he received multiple awards. In 2001, he founded a production company Fourcolors Films.


2001 Diantara masa lalu dan masa sekarang/Between Past and Presents
2002 Air mata surga/Tears of Heaven
2006 Nyanyian dari surga/Song from Heaven
2011 Cewek Sawera
2014 Siti, kobieta z wysp / Siti

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