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Archive - 9th Five Flavours Film Festival

Fresh Wave 2014

About the event

A set of the best short films made by the youngest generation of Hong Kong filmmakers, chosen from the winners of the Fresh Wave project.

The project  was implemented in 2005, with Johnnie To and Hong Kong Arts Development Council as its patrons. The proposals chosen from among the entries receive funding and expert supervision, and the completed films take part in a yearly competition - a barometer of what is new and fresh in the cinema, but also of the issues important for the new generation. The films chosen for the 9th Five Flavours FF include original, thrilling genre films, but also stories connected to current social issues.

The screenings will be accompanied by meetings with the filmmakers.

2014, 25', best script
dir., script and cin. Wong Tin-shing

Sze-man is a conscientious student. In her key, end-of-the-year debate she needs to convince her audience that the rights of the Chinese settling in Hong Kong must be restricted. Her friends don't know, that she, too, crosses the border daily to come back to her Chinese mother - studying in Hong Kong is her only chance for a better start.
An intelligent, moving narration, showing the lesser-known face of the complex Chinese-Hong Kong relations.

Wong Tin-shing – student of the film and television department at the Hong Kong Design Institute.

2014, 30'
dir. and script Edith Chong Yuen-ping; cin. Lam Yee-teng

A sad return to school. During the holidays, the leader of a swimming team drowned. His friends try to deal with trauma, but the question about the causes of the tragic accident hangs over their heads. Meanwhile, the boy's ex-girlfriend is not interested in the whole situation, Is her behavior just a facade for a deep suffering, or does she have another secret?

Edith Chong Yuen-ping – screenwriter, director, graduate of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

2014, 30', best cinematography
dir. Yip Man-hay; script Ng Sze-lung; cin. Cheng Kai-ming

The legendary, uncompromising chef, Mo Yik-tin serves food for celebrities in a TV show. Each dish has a special ingredient – often something we would not think of eating. For the final course, the chef prepared something truly unique. How far can a culinary snobism go? Do we really know the price of what we find on our plates?

Yip Man-haygraduate of the communication departmentat Hong Kong Baptist University.


2014, 13'
dir. and script Charlie Choi Kit-lin; cin. Chan Tze-lap Sam

A man and woman meet at a psychedelic bar with a suggestive name "Tango De Passion". A dark story of passion, jealousy, and seduction told with dance and images filled with pulsing colors.

Charlie Choi – started her film career in 1999 as screenwriter and set designer. Her first short, “Birthday” was shown at Asian Independent Film Festival in 2009.

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