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Archive - 9th Five Flavours Film Festival

0.5 mm

0.5 miri
Japan 2014, 196’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Momoko Ando
screenplay: Momoko Ando
cinematography: Takahiro Haibara
editing: Junichi Masunaga
music: TaQ
cast: Sakura Ando, Masahiko Tsugawa, Mitsuko Kusabue, Toshio Sakata, Nozomi Tsuchiya, Junkichi Orimoto, Midori Kiuchi, Akira Emoto, Tatsuo Inoue, Masahiro Higashide, Kazue Tsunogae
producer: Eiji Okuda, Yoshiya Nagasawa
production: Zero Pictures Co. Ltd., Realproducts
language: Japanese
colouration: colour

Awards and festivals

Yokohama FF 2015 – reżyseria / Best Director, specjalna nagroda jury/ Special Jury Prize; Shanghai IFF 2015 – Asian New Talent Awards, reżyseria / Best Director; Hochi Film Awards 2014 – najlepszy film / Best Picture, najlepszy aktor drugoplanowy / Best Supporting Actor; Mainichi Film Awards 2014 – najlepszy scenariusz / Best Screenplay, najlepsza aktorka / Best Actress;

Film description

Sawa is a professional caretaker for the elderly, though her approach to them seems a bit unconventional. When her work agency discovers she breached the rules, the girl loses her job and starts working on her own, finding clients in the most unexpected places. Her direct ways and strong character don't make her life any easier, but they allow her to have close, authentic relationships with her wards (who are not at all the stereotypical good-hearted elders).

When this energetic girl appears in the lives of older men, the situation is challenging for both sides – learning to build relations, listen to each other, compromise, and celebrate life even if there are no chances of making it any better. Struggling with biology, and transcending the generational, gender, and interpersonal barriers is portrayed without sentimentality and banal diagnoses. The director shows the process of building relations with a lot of psychological sensitivity - the three-hour long feature enables her to get as close to her characters as in a good series. At the same time, a large portion of black humor and great acting makes the film dynamic from beginning to end. Sakura Ando (the director's sister) is considered to be a muse of independent Japanese cinema for a reason; this time she is accompanied by a wonderful spectrum of film veterans.

Jagoda Murczyńska

Momoko Ando

Born in 1982, graduate of London Slade School of Fine Art and NYU, apart from film, she also studied painting. Daughter of author Kazu Ando and director and actor, Eiji Okuda, she began her film career as her father's assistant, she also worked with other directors. Her debut was a manga adaptation, "Love Vibes."


2010 Kakera / A Piece of Our Life
2014 0,5 mm / 0.5 miri / 0.5 mm

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