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One Night

dir. Kazuya Shiraishi
Japan 2019, 123’
subtitles: Polish and English

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25 Nov, 10:00 – 6 Dec
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Awards and festivals
Asian Film Awards - nomination for the Best Supporting Actress
Japan 2019
Duration: 123’
director: Kazuya Shiraishi
screenplay: Takahashi Izumi
cinematography: Atsuhiro Nabeshima
editing: Kato Hitomi
music: Takashi Ohmama
cast: Satoh Takeru, Suzuki Ryohei, Matsuoka Mayu, Sasaki Kuranosuke, Tanaka Yuko, Otoo Takuma, Tsutsui Mariko, Asari Yosuke, Kan Hanae, Megumi
producer: Takahashi Shinichi, Hasegawa Haruhiko, Yasuda Kunihiro
production: Nikkatsu
language: Japanese
colouration: colour

Film description

How far would a mother go, agonized by years of living under one roof with an alcoholic and a tormentor? Koharu chooses a road that puts her three nearly adult children in a tough spot. The consequences of one dramatic night will change the lives of the whole family. When its members meet years later, settling accounts will not be easy. Yuji wanted to become a writer, the shy Daiki a good father, and Sonoko dreamt of becoming a hairdresser. Did they manage to break away from the burden of the past?

The master of subversive cinema, combining the genre edge with a psychological flair, once again explores the dark corners of the human soul, provocatively mixing an emotional vivisection with intelligent dark humor. This time, he is using a half-documentary convention, creating incredibly realistic, complex psychological portraits of the characters, as well as an interesting portrayal of the social mechanisms which push people to their limits. Thanks to the ingenious casting choices, the broken biographies of the protagonists become incredibly intense, shedding light on many issues faced (not only) by the Japanese society.

Jagoda Murczyńska

Kazuya Shiraishi

Born in 1974, worked as an assistant to filmmakers, including Koji Wakamatsu.
He made commercials, short films, TV series, and music videos. His debut was the 2009 "Lost Paradise in Tokyo," screened at Busan IFF. His next film, "Koyaku," brought him an award at the festival in Yokohama and several Japanese Film Academy nominations.

Selected filmography:

2009 Rosutoparadaisu in Tokyo / Lost Paradise in Tokyo

2013 Kyoaku / The Devil's Path

2015 Joshi no jiken wa taitei toilet de okorunoda

2016 Nihon de ichiban warui yatsura / No. 1 Bad Guys in Japan

2017 Kanojo ga sono na wo shiranai toritachi / Birds Without Names

2017 Świt kociaków / Mesunekotachi / Dawn of the Felines

2018 Krew wilków / Koro no chi / The Blood of Wolves

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