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14th Five Flavours Film Festival

Festival Newspaper

The Festival magazine is filled with essays, interviews and commentaries – the perfect additions to home screenings.

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The Newspaper is also available in the electronic version as PDF, MOBI and EPUB files.

This year's Festival Newspaper includes a number of amazing interviews – we talk to the Japanese actress Junko Abe, known from films by Naomi Kawase and Kazuya Shiraishi, who plays the main role in "Daughters" presented at the 14th Five Flavours, and to the director of the independent Korean film "Microhabitat," showcased at dozens of international festivals, among others. Authors of the essays discover themes linking Festival films – such as representations of excluded social groups, portraits of men their Autumn years, and metaphors of water, which has a unique social and cultural significance. Writing about particular titles, the authors point to their specific historic and local contexts – such as the history of Malaysian fight for freedom, or the peculiarities of the Japanese matsuri festivals.

The Newspaper of the 14th, online-only edition of Five Flavours also includes inspirations for creating festival atmosphere at home. The last page is a step-by-step tutorial on making the origami rat – the animal patron of the Festival. The special insert prepared by KUKBUK is filled with unique, original recipes inspired by the Tasty Cinema section, which invite you to make your own culinary discoveries along with the protagonists of the films.

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Table of Contents
  • Miwa Nishikawa – Can Truth Set Us Free?
  • Jackfruit Children
  • A Man Taming a Beast
  • The Power of Female Friendship – Interview with Junko Abe
  • Asian VR
  • Water That Brings Life
  • Kagura: The Realm of Japanese Traditions
  • Living Too Fast Means Loosing Too Much – Interview with Yim Soon-rye
  • Taste of Cinema: Film recipes by KUKBUK.pl
  • Late Masculinity on the Big Screen
  • Parasites, or the New Korean Cinema
  • I See Myself In the Characters I Talk About – Interview with Ko Bong-soo
  • I Hope People Like Mi-so Are Safe – Interview with Jeon Go-woon
  • A Female Perspective: New Wave in Korean Cinema
  • Hong Kong Now
  • The Stories Nobody Heard – Interview with Ray Yeung
  • The Generation of the Future Born in the Asian Slums
  • Festival Program

Texts: Andrzej Badek, Urszula Jabłońska, Marcin Krasnowolski, Maja Korbecka, Wiktor Małolepszy, Jagoda Murczyńska, Nina Pięk, Maciej Szymkowiak, Wojciech Tutaj

Interviews: Nikodem Karolak, Marcin Krasnowolski, Łukasz Mańkowski, Daniel Oleksiński

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