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Scena Elffów: "A Japanese Tale"

17 Nov 2018, Muranów B

About the event

A tale for everybody. A show inspired by the Japanese folk tale "Tasu Taro, the son of a dragon," which offers a very important message. The characters show others their love, compassion, friendship, tolerance, gratitude, and help. The key part of the story is the love of a mother, which is what the creators of the "Japanese Tale" focused on. The spectacle combines the elements of the Japanese doll theater bunraku, the illustration theater kamishibai, and shadow theater. We invite you for the show in which the actors tell a tale… or maybe it is a true story?

For adults and children age 5+.

Scena Elffów is an auteur theater project for families. Its creators started off eight years ago, and have been organizing professional shows for various age groups ever since. Scena Elffów's strongest suit are the dolls – little masterpieces. The delicate marionettes, happy hand puppets, and talkative muppets draw the viewers into their magical world. The artists do not believe in the separation between the scene and the audience – during the show, the public sings, claps, and decides the protagonists' fates, so that the whole family can have fun together.

Tickets: 20 PLN

Tickets available at the festival website and in Kino Muranów box offices.

The show is Polish only!

Nov 17, Saturday, 11 AM

Kino Muranów



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