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Let's make onigiri: Workshops with Pani Onigiri

About the event

Pani Onigiri is a unique place offering a taste of the daily life of Japan. Onigiri is a popular breakfast dish, eaten every morning from Hokkaido in the North, to Okinawa in the South.

During the workshop, the participants find out what Onigiri is and learn to make it, from preparing the Japanese Koshihikari rice to forming the onigiri by hand or with special bear, dog, or panda-shaped molds. They will also taste the typical Japanese types of onigiri – natto, umeboshi, katsuobushi, edamame, tuna mayo, and sake.
The workshops lasts for about two hours.

You are kindly asked to bring empty plastic boxes or lunch boxes to take the onigiri with you afterwards.


November 17, Saturday, 12 PM

Workshop for teenagers and adults

Tickets: 30 PLN per person


November 18, Sunday, 12 PM

November 18, Sunday, 2.20 PM

Workshop for kids (5-10 years old) with their caretakers.

Tickets: 30 PLN for one child and one adult

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