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The Silenced

Gyeongseong hakgyo: sarajin sonyeodeul
South Korea 2015, 99’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Lee Hae-young
screenplay: Lee Hae-young
cinematography: Kim Il-yeon
editing: Kim Chang-ju
music: Dalparan
cast: Park Bo-young, Uhm Ji-won, Park So-dam
producer: Kim Jho Gwangsoo, Shim Hyun-woo
production: Generation Blue Films, Secret Garden
language: Korean, Japanese
colouration: colour

Awards and festivals

Busan Film Critics Awards 2015 - Best New Actress; Blue Dragon Film Awards 2015 - Popularity Star Award; Grand Bell Awards 2015 - Best Lighting; Korea World Youth FF 2015 - Favorite Actress; Chunsa Film Art Awards 2016 - Best Supporting Actress; Baeksang Arts Awards 2016 - Best Supporting Actress; Busan IFF 2015; Udine Far East FF 2016

Film description

It is 1938, Korea is under Japanese occupation. Ju-ran, suffering from tuberculosis, is sent to a sanatorium for girls in the beautiful countryside. The special, mysterious treatment she is subjected to, seems to bring good results – although the improving health could have something to do with her friendship with the lovely Yeon-deo. But when a number of patients disappears without saying goodbye, the girl begins to suspect the place she was sent to is not what she thought it was.

This dark, sensuous film refreshes the classic formula of a school-girl horror film, adding a few unconventional ideas and seducing with the perfectly composed shots. The leisurely pace and melancholic mood slowly build up the tension, based more on the sense of mystery than the usual jump-scares. The historical and political background gives the plot another dimension and opens the floor for more interpretations, but it is primarily an atmospheric tale set in a scenery filled with intriguing details. One of the strongest sides of the film are the roles of young, talented actresses – So-dam received several Korean industry awards for the role of Yeon-deok.

Jagoda Murczyńska

Lee Hae-young

Born in 1973, director and screenwriter. Debuted in 2006 as the co-director of a sport comedy drama about a transgender teenager, "Like a Virgin," which received many industry awards in its homeland.


2006 Like a Virgin / Cheonhajangsa Madonna

2010 Foxy Festival / Peseutibal

2015 Uciszone / The Silenced / Gyeongseong hakgyo: sarajin sonyeodeul

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