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A Copy of My Mind

Indonesia, South Korea 2015, 116’
subtitles: Polish and English
director: Joko Anwar
screenplay: Joko Anwar
cinematography: Ical Tanjung, SI
editing: Arifin Cuunk
music: Rooftopsound
cast: Tara Basro, Chicco Jerikho, Ario Bayu, Maera Panigoro, Paul Agusta
producer: Tia Hasibuan, Uwie Balfas
production: Lo-Fi Flicks, CJ Entertainment
language: Indonesian
colouration: colour

Awards and festivals

Jogja-NETPAC Asian FF 2015 - Geber Award; Venice FF 2015; Toronto IFF 2015; Busan IFF 2015; IFF Rotterdam 2016; Sydney FF 2016

Film description

A brilliant thriller with a strong political message. Sari is a cinephile working in a beauty parlor, devouring new films every evening. Alek makes a living preparing subtitles for pirate DVDs. Their paths have to cross, but due to a series of unexpected events, the girl receives a film nobody should see. The romantic story about a geek relationship turns into a thrilling confrontation with a powerful structure, the emanation of authority.

Joko Anwar boldly uses of the techniques he established in his previous horrors and thrillers. Underneath the charming love story lurks the metaphor of sociopolitical situation in Indonesia. He portrays the back streets of Jakarta with a great sense of space, turning the city into one of the film's protagonists. “A Copy of My Mind” was a revelation of the Orizzonti section at last year's Venice IFF, and won the acclaim of festival audiences worldwide.

Jagoda Murczyńska

Joko Anwar

Born in 1976, director and screenwriter. Studied space engineering, worked as a film critic. He debuted with a hit comedy "Joni's Promise." "Deadtime," made in the noir cinema convention, was a great commercial success, and was listed among the best pictures of the year by Sight and Sound magazine, paving the director's way to international film markets. Hailed as the most original filmmaker in Indonesia, he is renown for his surprising scripts, intelligent ways of using generic schemes to take up controversial subjects, and painting a strong portrait of contemporary reality.


2005 Obietnica Joni'ego / Janji Joni / Joni's Promise

2007 Martwy czas: Kala / Kala / Deadtime

2009 Pintu Terlarang / Forbidden Door

2012 Modus Anomali

2015 Zapis moich zmysłów / Copy of my Mind

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