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Archive - 4th Five Flavours Film Festival

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12 Storeys
dir. Eric Khoo
Singapour 1997, 105’
dir. Royston Tan
Singapour 2005, 93’
After the Wind
dir. Tulapop Saenjaroen
Thailand 2010, 19’
Agrarian Utopia
dir. Uruphong Raksasad
Thailand 2009, 122’
dir. Banjong Pisanthanakun
Thailand, South Korea 2007, 0’
Barking dogs never bite
dir. Bong Joon-ho
South Korea 2000, 106’
Be with Me
dir. Eric Khoo
Singapour 2005, 93’
Bedroom Dancing
dir. Sun Koh
Singapour 2006, 20’
Beyond the Years
dir. Im Kwon-taek
South Korea 2007, 106’
dir. Lê Thanh Sơn
Vietnam 2009, 100’
dir. Pepe Diokno
Philippines 2009, 60’
Dirty Bitch
dir. Sun Koh
Singapour 2009, 9’
dir. Kim Ki-duk
South Korea 2008, 95’
dir. Ho Tzu Nyen
South Korea 2009, 43’
Enemies of the People
dir. Rob Lemkin, Thet Sambath
Great Britain, Cambodia 2009, 94’
Four Boys, White Whiskey and Grilled Mouse
dir. Wichanon Somumjarn
Thailand 2009, 10’
dir. Anocha Suwichakornpong
Thailand 2006, 17’
dir. Ho Tzu Nyen
Singapour 2009, 86’
I'm a Cyborg but that's OK
dir. Park Chan-wook
South Korea 2006, 105’
Like. Real. Love
dir. Anocha Suwichakornpong
Thailand 2008, 40’
Mee Pok Man
dir. Eric Khoo
Singapour 1995, 105’
Mundane History
dir. Anocha Suwichakornpong
Thailand 2009, 82’
My Magic
dir. Eric Khoo
Singapour 2008, 75’
dir. Lee Chang-dong
South Korea 2002, 132’
dir. Park Chan-wook
South Korea 2003, 119’
Pororo the Little Penguin
dir. Cho Jong
South Korea 2003, 50’
dir. Banjong Pisanthanakun
Thailand 2004, 92’
Sun Spots
dir. Heng Yang
China, Hongkong 2009, 112’
Sympathy for Mr Vengeance
dir. Park Chan-wook
South Korea 2002, 129’
Zombie Dogs
dir. Toh Hai Leong
Singapour 2004, 63’

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