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The 16th Five Flavours is officially open!

16 November 2022

Wednesday, November 16 marks the beginning of the great feast of Asian cinema which will last for a full 19 days! Join us in following the wonderful film stories – in cinemas and at home.

The 16th Five Flavours is comprised of 39 films screened in Muranów and Kinoteka cinemas and 30 titles available online throughout Poland. This meticulously thought-out program will immerse the viewers in a full spectrum of emotions and experiences. From the classic masterpieces of Edward Yang, through topical titles of the New Asian Cinema competition section and urban stories from Hong Kong, to the calming Japan Feel-Good selection – we have something for everyone! We invite you to immerse yourselves in the program and discover its rich variety.

Festival program

The Festival opens officially in Muranów cinema at 8.30 pm with "Septet: The Story of Hong Kong," but the first screenings will start at 6.00 pm. In this time slot, we recommend Yan Yan Mak’s beautiful "Butterfly," screened in Kinoteka. At 8.30, you can catch the first of the two screenings of Edward Yang’s feature debut "That Day on the Beach," which is only available in cinemas.

Online Passes

You can buy Online Passes and Single Accesses to films throughout the duration of the Festival.

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Remember that three films from the online program will not be available for the whole duration of the Festival:

  • Terrorizers (1986) – available November 18 – December 1
  • Taipei Story – available November 18-20 and November 25-27
  • Hostage: Missing Celebrity – available November 23-27 and November 30 – December 4
Talks with filmmakers

Five filmmakers are coming to Warsaw for the Festival and will join the Festival audiences during the Q&A sessions after the screenings. But we have also prepared talks with those artists who could not join us in-person. We invite you to watch and listen to those important conversations that shed light on the production process and the importance of the films.

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We have also prepared a short, spoiler-free introduction to each of the films available online that outlines the contexts of the movie.

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The Festival is dedicated to the memory of Jagoda Murczyńska

The 16th edition of Five Flavours is dedicated to the memory of Jagoda Murczyńska who had been the pillar of the Festival for the past decade. Jagoda passed away suddenly, before her time, in February 2022. On Sunday, November 20, after the screening of Naoko Ogigami’s "Rent-A-Cat", we invite you for a meeting during which we will be remembering our dear colleague.

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