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dir. Juzo Itami
Japan 1985, 114’
subtitles: Polish and English

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31 Dec, 16:00 – 3 Jan
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Awards and festivals
Awards of the Japanese Academy 1986 - Best Editing, Best Sound Mainichi Film Concours 1986 - Best Supporting Actor, Best Sound Recording National Board of Review, USA 1987 - NBR Award for Top Foreign Films
Japan 1985
Duration: 114’
director: Juzo Itami
screenplay: Juzo Itami
cinematography: Masaki Tamura
editing: Akira Suzuki
music: Kunihiko Murai
cast: Tsutomu Yamazaki, Nobuko Miyamoto, Ken Watanabe, Koji Yakusho, Rikiya Yasuoka
producer: Seigo Hosogoe, Juzo Itami, Yasushi Tamaoki
language: Japanese
colouration: colour

Film description

A gem of the Japanese cinema, the first Ramen Western in history, in a very literal sense. Goro is a modern cowboy who exchanged his horse for a truck and made it his mission to help the main character to make the perfect recipe for Chinese Noodles (which is not as easy as it sounds). The plot, composed of loose episodes, guides the audience through the culinary customs of the Japanese, meticulously portraying the importance of a good meal and the surrounding rituals. The surreal scenes and a gallery of grotesque characters make "Tampopo" hysterically funny, but be warned – this screening will make you positively hungry.

Marcin Krasnowolski

Juzo Itami

(1933-1997). Son of a filmmaker Mansaku Itami, he began his adventure with cinema as a film and TV actor, and moved on to become a director at the age of 50. He made 10 films – he wrote scripts himself and cast his wife Nobuko Miyamoto. Often compared to Jacques Tati. In his pictures he humorously commented on the changing Japanese customs.


1984 Pogrzeb / Ososhiki / Funeral
1985 Tampopo / Tampopo / Dandelion
1987 Ryoko w akcji / Marusa no onna / A Taxing Woman
1988 Powrót Ryoko / Marusa no onna II / A Taxing Woman's Return
1990 A-ge-man – opowieści złotej gejszy / A-ge-man / Tales of a Golden Geisha
1992 Minbo, czyli japoński sposób szantażu / Minbo no onna / Minbo
1993 Ostatni taniec / Daibyonin / The Last Dance
1995 Spokojne życie / Shizukana seikatsu / A Quiet Life
1996 Sūpa no onna / Supermarket Woman
1997 Chroniony świadek / Marutai no onna / Woman in Witness Protection

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