Pięć Smaków w Domu

Asian New Year's Eve

December 31st - January 3rd

A long New Year's weekend with Asian cinema? Five Flavours invites you for a crazy journey into 2021!

Do you want to send 2020 off by bashing a bunch of zombies? Or spend the first day of the New Year at a perfectly peaceful beach of a Japanese island? Five Flavours film selection has an answer for both of these needs.

Buy an access, pass or voucher, and a set of Asian snacks. Listen to some great Asian music.

All films are presented with Polish and English subtitles!

dir. Juzo Itami
Japan 1985, 114’
Available till January 3rd
dir. Naoko Ogigami
Japan 2007, 107’
Available till January 3rd
dir. Sion Sono
Japan 2015, 117’
Available till January 3rd
dir. Shinichiro Ueda
Japan 2017, 95’
Available till January 3rd
dir. Yeo Joon Han
Malaysia 2008, 111’
Available till January 3rd
dir. Johnnie To
Hong Kong 2004, 95’
Available till January 3rd

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