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Hong Kong Dives Into Dancing

guest: Adam Wong

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Live in the festival studio
Mo 22 Nov   12:00

Adam Wong ("The Way We Keep Dancing")

Katarzyna Borowiecka

Five Flavours:
Maja Pielak

Anna Szegidewicz

Studio Partner

About the event

We talk about Hong Kong Cinema, which in recent years has increasingly dealt with social issues. The Five Flavors program features two films that talk about the city's identity through characters who have faith in their passion and that faith drives them in life. What do baseball in "Weeds on Fire" and hip-hop in "The Way We Keep Dancing" have in common?

The studio's guest is Adam Wong, author of a unique film showing the independent hip-hop scene in Hong Kong and how it is changing as the cities change.

Adam Wong

Adam Wong

Director and lecturer, graduate of the Faculty of Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. For "The Way We Dance" (2013) he received a Hong Kong Film Award and a Hong Kong Film Directors Award for young directors. He did not want to make a sequel of the film right after its success, jokingly saying that instead of making "The Way We Dance 2," he'll go straight to part three, with all his protagonists already grown up. He decided not to make high-budget films, instead focusing on smaller productions.

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