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Indonesia: Shamanic Rituals and Subversive Action Cinema

guest: Edwin

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Live in the festival studio
Th 18 Nov   12:00

Edwin ("Vengeance is Mine, All Others Pay Cash")

Katarzyna Borowiecka

Five Flavours:
Marcin Krasnowolski

Natalia Mętrak-Ruda

Studio Partner

About the event

On the first Thursday of the Festival we focus our attention on Indonesia. That day, Kinoteka hosts the only screening of the film “Agung”, directed by Paweł Ferdek, which is followed by a meeting with the filmmaker. It is a unique Polish production, shot in Indonesia and using elements of local faith and tradition to tell a story on the verge of a thriller and psychological cinema. 

Our guest in the studio will be Edwin, author of the dynamic and astounding movie "Vengeance is Mine, All Others Pay Cash", which shows Indonesia from a completely different perspective: we will talk to the director, among other things, about the 1980s and the inspirations of Indonesian, Hong Kong and American pop culture of that period. 



Film director, producer, and screenwriter. Born in Surabaya, Indonesia, in 1978, he studied film at Jakarta Institute of Arts. His short film "Kara, the Daughter of a Tree" premiered in the Director’s Fortnight section at Cannes Film Festival in 2005, and his first feature, "Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly" (2008) received a FIPRESCI Award at International Film Festival Rotterdam. His second feature, "Postcards from the Zoo," was in competition at the Berlinale. He made a number of films appreciated by local audiences and international film festival viewers. In 2021, Edwin received a Golden Leopard in Locarno for "Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash."

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