Pięć Smaków w Domu

Door Lock

dir. Lee Kwon
South Korea 2018, 102’
Polish premiere
Awards and festivals
Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film 2019 - Best Thriller Award
South Korea 2018
Duration: 102’
director: Lee Kwon
screenplay: Park Jeong-hee, Lee Kwon
cinematography: Park Jung-hoon
cast: Kong Hyo-jin, Kim Ye-won, Kim Sung-oh
producer: Cho Byung-yeon
executive producer: Kim Jin-sun
production: Fiona Films
language: Korean
colouration: colour

Film description

Shadows passing under the door, strangers hanging around, little changes in the closest living space. Don’t you ever have an impression that your flat is being watched? Kyung-min is alone and she suspects that someone tries to get into her tiny apartment. There are a few potential aggressors and the woman’s feeling of terror is growing. And she turns out to be right – the situation escalates in a fast pace and the danger which is coming cannot be stopped even with the best lock.

"Door Lock" is a story about threats which beset a woman in a modern city full of people. The film provokes a cold shiver of horror by exploiting one of our strongest fears. How can the refined safety devices protect us if the evil is already inside?

The dense claustrophobic atmosphere is built with ruthless precision with narrow, dark frames by Park Jung-hoon and the soundtrack by unfailing Dalapan. The film is a remake of the famous Spanish hit "Sleep tight" / "Mientras duermes" by Jaume Balagueró from 2011, but it diverges from the original. Due to the differences in the plot we recommend to see "Sleep tight" first.

Marcin Krasnowolski

Lee Kwon

Born in 1974, a screenwriter and director working for film and television. He debuted in 2007 with a school comedy "Flower Boys" starring members of the top k-pop band Super Junior. His next film, "My Ordinary Love Story", is a brilliant romantic comedy with a twist but it has not become as popular as expected. "Door Lock" is already a fully successful production – both artistically and commercially.


2007 Kkotminam Yeonchae Tereosakeon / Attack on the Pin-Up Boys
2014 Nae yeonaeui gieok / My Ordinary Love Story
2018 Kiedy śpisz / Do-eo-lak / Door Lock

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