Asian Horror Night

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Fr 25 Oct
Sa 26 Oct

About the event

The scariest screenings of the year are coming closer. Three extremely dark stories will perfectly lead to the atmosphere of the Halloween, and at the same time will be a prelude to the forthcoming edition of Five Flavours. This year thrill will be doubled: join us for one of two Asian Horror Nights!

A Thai legend about a phantom inhabiting the bodies of young girls; a paranoid Korean thriller about fears hidden under the bed; and an Indian horror fairy tale about human greed. This year's edition of Asian Horror Night is a disturbing journey into the depths of human (and not only) nature. Together with our characters we will experience things, we certainly would not want to experience in our real lives. In order to bring relief to the ragged nerves and clenched stomachs, during the break between the films, we invite you for a delicious Asian treat. 

The program of the evening:

20:00 Tumbbad, dir. by Rahi Anil Barve, India 2018, 104'

22:00 Krasue: Inhuman Kiss, dir. by Sittisiri Mongkolsiri, Thailand 2019, 122'

00:00 refreshment with Pani Onigiri and 

00:30 Door Lock, dir. by Lee Kwon, South Korea 2018, 108'

25th Of October / 26th Of October

Kino Muranów, Ul. Gen. Andersa 5

Tickets: 66.6 evil.

Free entrance for Master Pass holders. 

Tickets also available at Muranow box office and at Going.


dir. Rahi Anil Barve
India 2018, 104' 

A dark tale of greed that can bring us all the way to hell. As a child, Vinayak discovers a legend of an extraordinary treasure hidden in the cellars of Tumbbad's dilapidated manor house. Years later, as an adult, he returns to his native land to gain wealth, regardless of the ominous words about the curse that guards it. 

Impressive set design, shoot  intact locations, "Tumbbad" became the first Indian film to open Critic's Week at the Venice Festival.

Krasue: Inhuman Kiss

dir. Sitisiri Mongkolsiri
Thailand 2019, 122'

According to an old Thai legend, the Krasue is a bloodthirsty ghost who enters the bodies of young girls so that it can feeds itself through them. Teenage Sai unexpectedly discovers that she has fallen victim to a curse. At night, her head separates from her body and attacks the villagers. 

"Krasue: Inhuman Kiss" is a fresh look at Thai legend, with bows to the classics of native and western horror cinema. The film became a Thai candidate for forthcoming Oscars.

Door Lock

dir. Lee Kwon
South Korea 2018, 102'

Kyung-min lives in constant fear. Living in a modern apartment building, despite the advanced security measures, does not give her the desired sense of security, and in private space there are more and more traces of someone else's presence. What at first seemed to be just a sick obsession quickly turns into a blood-chilling horror film. The threat comes from a place we consider safe - from the inside of our home.

The film is a remake of the award-winning Spanish hit "Sleep tight" / "Mientras duermes" from 2011. 

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