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First competition titles and the Five Flavours Jury

07 October 2022

New Asian Cinema section showcases films by authors who talk about the most important issues around them with astounding perceptiveness and a masterful sense of cinematic form. The International People’s Jury will choose the winner from among 11 titles.

New Asian Cinema films will be judged by 10 International People’s Jury members.

The competition section showcases films by extraordinary filmmakers, the emerging elite of world directors. This is the space for new, daring forms, a wide spectrum of emotions, and pressing issues from the region. The film greedily grabbing current moods is the satire inspired by the student protests in Thailand – Arnold is a Model Student. In the light of the recent events in the world, especially in Iran, this anarchist film, filled with rebellious energy, will remain topical for a long time. Another fast-paced title in the program is Leonor Will Never Die, a movie that gained a lot of traction at world film festivals, and received the Sundance Innovative Spirit Special Jury Award. The debuting creators of both films, Sorayos Prapapan and Martika Ramirez Escobar, will be this year’s Five Flavours guests.

The competition also marks the return of Taiwanese director Chienn Hsiang, whose Exit won the 8th Five Flavours. The new film features two stars that have also appeared in Edward Yang’s A Confucian Confusion. Another emerging festival regular is Kang Park, whose Seire is the living proof of the power of low-budget Korean movies. This fully-rounded, superbly shot psychological horror, layered with meaning, immerses the audiences in the world of dark superstitions that are still very much alive in the Korean society.

16th Five Flavours Jury

The best film of Five Flavours will, as always, be chosen by People’s Jury – ten cinema lovers who come to Warsaw from all across Europe to watch films and participate in film critique workshops. This year, the Jury was chosen from among the record 60 top-quality applications. Congratulations to the jurors!

  • Simon Ramshaw – Great Britain
  • Dora Leu – Romania
  • Khushi Jain – Great Britain
  • Sara Carotenuto – Italy
  • Siria Falleroni – Italy
  • Suphon Niamkamnoet – Estonia
  • Stefano Facchinetti – Belgium
  • Aleksander Michalec – Poland
  • Aleksander Kmak – Poland
  • Basia Majchrowicz – Poland

Arnold is a Model Student

Arnon pen nakrian tuayang
dir. Sorayos Prapapan, Thailand 2022, 83’
Polish premiere
(cinema + online)

A satiric look at the education system in Thailand, inspired by the birth of the Bad Student Movement. Here, a record of the real 2020 protests is intertwined with the story of Arnold, a seemingly model student whose side hustle is cheating in school entry exams. Like many young people his age, Arnold doesn’t know what he wants to do in life, and the resulting anxiety fuels his indecisiveness even further.

Increasing Echo

Xiu xing
dir. Chienn Hsiang, Taiwan 2021, 85’
Polish premiere
(cinema + online)

The life of the Yan family, which is far from happy, filled with routine and mutual weariness, is disrupted by an unexpected phone call. Will the painful memories shake Ms Yan out of her lethargy and push her to move forward? Another amazing role by Chen Shiang-chyi, an actress know from films by Tsai Ming-liang – a delicately composed portrait of a woman directed by Chienn Hsiang, the winner of the 8th Five Flavours.

Leonor Will Never Die

dir. Martika Ramirez Escobar, Philippines 2022, 101’
Polish premiere
(cinema + online)

Leonor loves action movies to pieces. She used to be a prominent filmmaker, but today she struggles with the harsh everyday reality. A film script competition is her chance to get back in the saddle. As Leonor returns to her unfinished project, she dives into the lives of her protagonists – literally! An original journey into the magical world of cinema, gleaming with the purest love for the movies, especially for old Philippine cinema.


dir. Park Kang, South Korea 2021, 102’
Polish premiere
(cinema only)

Hae-mi and Woo-jin have just had their first baby. The superstitious mother believes that the infant must be protected from the evil of the outside world for the first three weeks. The father is haunted by nightmares. He learns that his old love passed away and, despite his wife’s warnings, he decides to attend the funeral. Shot with a steady hand, Park Kang’s debut Seire enchants with its clarity of vision, combining a full-blooded, slowly unraveling horror with an insightful psychological portrait.

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