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Asian Horror Night returns - in cinemas and online!

03 October 2022
Affliction byTeddy Soeriaatmadja

The end of October brings the yearly dose of dread, courtesy of the Five Flavours team. Three premiere films will scare you to the core, and the snacks provided in-between screenings will soothe your shaken nerves.

Festival Pass holders can watch Asian Horror Night online for free!

Asian Horror Night will take place in Muranów cinema on October 29, and online at piecsmakow.pl between October 28 and November 1. The online version of the event includes two out of three movies from the program.

This year, we invite you to see films from countries that have recently been growing into terror superpowers. Indonesian horrors often appeared in the Five Flavours program, and we are very glad to add titles from India and Malaysia to the list.

The films use international genre formulas to invite us on a journey through the dark corners of local towns and remote countryside. The unresolved colonial past, decaying family bonds, and the towering mental health issues provide the starting point for the stories that will change the future of the protagonists forever. If they live to see it…

Asian Horror Night is more than just spectacular monsters and perfectly prepared jump scares. It is also a reflection on the modern Asian societies and on what’s eating them from the inside.


Muranów cinema, Warsaw
October 29

  • 20:00 Affliction, dir. Teddy Soeriaatmadja, Indonesia 2021, 90’
  • 21:30 snacks from Niigata Onigiri
  • 22:00 Bhoothakaalam, dir. Rahul Sadasivan, India 2022, 105’
  • 00:00 Irul: Ghost Hotel, dir. M.S. Prem Nath, Malaysia 2021, 99’

online, piecsmakow.pl
October 28 – November 1

  • Bhoothakaalam, dir. Rahul Sadasivan, India 2022, 105’
  • Irul: Ghost Hotel, dir. M.S. Prem Nath, Malaysia 2021, 99’

Tickets for the cinema Asian Horror Night (90 PLN) and the online Asian Horror Night (42 PLN, two out of three titles) are already available:

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16th Five Flavours Festival Pass holders can watch Asian Horror Night online for free!



dir. Teddy Soeriaatmadja
Indonesia 2021, 90’

Polish premiere

(cinema only)

One day, a woman appears in a happy family’s home in Jakarta. She is going to care for Hassan’s mother – the head of the family who lives somewhere in the Javanese province. The elderly woman’s health has been deteriorating and she needs a live-in help. Traveling to a distant corner of the country will turn into the protagonists’ journey towards the brutal truth that was never meant to see the light of day…

In Indonesia, Soeriaatmadja is known as a family portrait specialist. He cements his reputation with this full-blooded horror, focusing on the darkest aspects of the shared DNA.


dir. Rahul Sadasivan
India 2022, 105’

European premiere

(cinema + online)

Something very bad is lurking in the dark corners of the old house where the unemployed Vinu lives with his heavily depressed mother Asha. Can they figure out what it is before it’s too late?

"Bhoothakaalam" is an intelligent psychological horror, well-aware of its quality. Sadasivan daringly adapts a risky script without resorting to tear-jerking formulas or simple generic tricks. This is a film that drills into your head, slowly tightening the screws of encroaching terror.

Irul: Ghost Hotel

dir. M.S. Prem Nath
Malaysia 2021, 99’

Polish premiere

(cinema + online)

A group of ambitious filmmakers, aided by paranormal activity specialists, is headed to Penang to investigate the secrets lurking in the infamous deserted hotel Crag. Clearly, they forgot how these stories usually end. Will the trap set for the evil work this time around?

"Irul: Ghost Hotel" is a passionate, energetic horror, in which all elements come together to create a terrifying whole.

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