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"A Simple Life" to open Five Flavours, "Hanyut" announced the closing film

07 October 2013
A Simple Life

Highly acclaimed "A Simple Life" from the renowned director Ann Hui opens 7th Five Flavours. The festival closes with the European premiere of U-Wei Bin Haji-Saari's "Hanyut/Almayer's Folly", based on Joseph Conrad's first novel.

Ann Hui's films marked the beginnings of the Hong Kong New Wave. She received international recognition with her films focused on important social issues as well as intimate stories. Among her best known works are "Boat People" (Tau ban no hoi, 1982), "Song of the Exile" (Ke tu qiu hen, 1990), "Night and Fog" (Tin shui wai dik ye yu mo, 2009).

Her latest title, critically acclaimed "A Simple Life" (2011) brings a story of Ah Tao, a loyal servant, who faces a decline on her health. For her role, Deanie Ip won the Best Actress Award at the
68th Venice International Film Festival.

The European premiere of "Hanyut/Almayer's Folly" (Malaysia, 2012) closes the festival. The title, based on Conrad's debut novel "Almayer's Folly", tells the story of a Dutch trader living in Malaysia.
Directed by award-winning Malaysian filmmaker U-Wei Bin Haji-Saari, the film portrays colonial Malaysia as a multi-national society where Eastern and Western cultures constantly clash.

The crew involved Po
lish filmmakers with Arkadiusz Tomiak as the director of photography and Cezary Skubiszewski, who composed the soundtrack for "Hanyut/Almayer's Folly".

Hanyut. Alamyer's Folly

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