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10 October 2013
Bad film

The full list of films and the screening schedule of the 7th Five Flavours is already online. The last day of the festival, 11th November, brings "Bad Film" from maverick Japanese director Sion Sono.

Sono's film was included in the special screenings. The director presents an alternative vision of the end of 1990s. The streets of Tokio are ruled by two gangs – the nationalist Kamikaze, and Baihubang, run by the Chinese emigrants. A battle over influence, riots on the streets, and mutual insults, are the background of a Shakespearian love story, this time with two Juliets on the opposing sides of the barricade. They are surrounded by a parade of absurdity, colorful characters with unusual inclinations, and a carnival of political and aesthetic incorrectness.

The programme of the 7th Five Flavours involves 36 full-length features as well as 13 short and mid-length titles.
Two features are presented as European premieres: "Hanyut/Almayer's Folly" from U-Wei Bin Haji-Saari and "Homostratus" from Siu Pham.

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