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Morning Live Meeting: Good Beat Cinema

06 December 2020

The best way to spend the last day of the festival is with a good beat – during the morning live meeting, we will talk about the films with particularly impressive soundtracks!

We remind you that the films will only be available till midnight. You will be able to finish watching the movies started right before midnight, but they will only be available for their duration plus an extra 60 minutes!

Good film music stays with you long after the screening ends, allowing you to be part of the film world for a while longer. Five Flavours program also offers films whose rhythms can accompany you during the post-festival chill. We let you know which indie Japanese bands you need to add to your playlist to be transported to the Tokyo of "Daughters" and where to look for sounds which accompanied the heroine of "Microhabitat" on her journey through Seoul. We talk about the traditions of Indian music and their modern interpretations filling the background of "Jallikkatu," "Gully Boy," or "Hotel Salvation." We will also not forget about the many retro sounds of "Impetigore" and the Indonesian metal from "Gundala"!

Red Carpet

The final evening meeting of the 14th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival will also be its official closing gala – we will sum up this year’s edition and talk about the Festival backstage!


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