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14. Five Flavours Film Festival gadgets. May the rat be with you!

06 November 2020

The 14th Five Flavours gadgets are already available in the Festival online shop.

Free delivery for the Five Flavours Fan Pack!

In the lunar horoscope used in most Asian countries, 2020 is the year of the Metal Rat. This clever rodent is the symbol of vivid intelligence and its ability to survive even in the harshest conditions. Combined with the element of metal, the rat turns into a really tough player.

This year, you can invite the Festival atmosphere home and bring it with you when you go out – our online shop carries the viewers' favorite Festival bags, magnets and hats, as well as pillow cases.

Five Flavours Fan Pack

The gadgets will also be available in a special package, complete with the paper issue of the Festival paper. You can get exceptional festival bag, warm hat, the rat magnet and the magazine filled with essays and interviews in a promotional price of 60 PLN with free shipping. 

VR goggles

For those interested in the Asian VR section, we offer special goggles that will allow you to fully appreciate virtual reality at home! They fit most smartphone models. All you need to do to watch the VR films presented during the Festival is log in, start the film on your smartphone, and click the goggle icon – the image on the screen will be split in two. Then insert the smartphone into the goggles and put them on. By moving your head, you will move in the virtual world. The cost of the goggles is 10 PLN.

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