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14th Five Flavours starts in three weeks!

03 November 2020
Beasts Clawing at Straws, dir. Kim Yong-hoon, South Korea 2020

The online edition of the festival begins on November 25. Festival Passes and Single Film Accesses are already on sale. Today we present the official Five Flavours trailer and remind you about some crucial Festival information!

Festival Passes and Single Film Accesses are already available on the Festival website – the "buy" icon appears next to each film's description.

Presentation of the Festival Program

Home VR screenings, culinary surprises, cult Festival gadgets and, most importantly, over 50 films – hypnotizing pictures, intriguing scripts, wonderful roles, and the powerful voices of the most interesting contemporary directors. In just three weeks, you will be able to discover all of it from the comforts of your own home. The organizers discussed the details of the program on Thursday, during the official presentation, which is now available to watch on the Festival website. The meeting was moderated by Jan Niebudek from Radio Nowy Świat.

Festival Gadgets

Gadgets with this year's logo will be available for purchase from Friday, November 6. Apart from the viewers' favorite Festival bags and hats, they include pillow cases, which will help you recreate the Festival atmosphere in your own home. The symbol of the 14th edition, taking place during the lunar Year of the Rat, is this cute little rodent, symbolizing cleverness and the ability to cope in every situation! 

Asian Delicacies Delivered

This year's Festival offers more than just food for thought. On November 10, we will reveal our culinary program – the best Warsaw restaurants specializing in Asian cuisines prepared special sets inspired by particular films of the Tasty Cinema section. This original menu, available only during the Festival, can be ordered on November 10-20 – so that each viewer can enjoy a guaranteed film dinner at the time of their choosing.

Films Access

Festival Passes and Single Film Accesses are already available at the Festival website – the "buy" icon is placed next to each film's description. 

The Five Flavours Online Pass costs 100 PLN and allows the viewer to watch all 52 Festival films. Most of the films will be available for the whole duration of the Festival (12 days), while a few titles will be available only on certain days – the availability is always clearly indicated in the description of the film. After purchasing the pass and logging into the account, the viewer can watch the films at any time. There is no views limit – the user can re-watch a film or stop it and finish watching it later. The Pass holder can watch the films on only one device at a time.

Single Film Accesses cost 18 PLN and allow viewer user to watch one selected film. They can be bought in advance or immediately before the screening. After the Festival begins, all you need to do is log into your account and opening the page of the film on the festival website – the film will be available to watch immediately. After clicking "play," the viewer has 24 hours to finish watching the film.

Access to the set of eight VR experiences costs 30 PLN and allows the viewer to watch all the Asian VR section films for the whole duration of the Festival. No special equipment is required to watch the films – a regular computer or a smartphone is enough. However, the films are best experienced using a smartphone and a pair of simple goggles it can be put into. A basic model of the goggles is available for purchase at the Festival website.



This year's Festival program is comprised of over fifty titles presenting a wide spectrum of Asian cinemas – from genre films to small independent productions, from unique formal experiments to warm, emotional movies about simple life.

Even though this year we cannot host Festival guests in Warsaw, we will meet with them online. They will join us after the screenings and during the daily live meetings at the Festival Studio. All films presented at the Five Flavours VOD platform will also be preceded by introductions prepared by our experts, explaining the wider context of the film and its production.

Sections of the 14th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival: 

  • New Asian Cinema - burning subjects, surprising forms, masters of Asian cinemas
  • Parasites - subversive social cinema by spirited filmmakers from South Korea
  • Tasty Cinema - culinary film surprises and the secrets of Asian cuisines
  • Journey to Asia - the continent's hidden gems, local traditions, and the enchanting atmosphere of a journey into the unknown
  • Hong Kong now - a metropolis on the brink of big political changes, with a colorful, multicultural past
  • Asian VR - the artistic and the entertaining side of Virtual Reality
  • Asian Cinerama - big hits nominated for Asian Film Awards and works by renown masters
  • Polish Flavours - an encounter of the Polish and the Asian world of cinema

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