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Full program of the 14th Five Flavours Asian Film Festival revealed!

29 October 2020

We are extremely happy to present the program of this year's Festival, comprised of more than forty titles representing the extreme variety of Asian cinemas – from horror cinema to sweet melodramas, from grasping auteur cinema to relaxing journeys around the continent. All the films will be presented online between November 25 and December 6.

Preparing this year's edition forced us to face up to completely new challenges – from the matters of logistics to finding new ways of thinking about our mission, priorities, building bridges between filmmakers and audiences outside the screening rooms. We believe that the online edition of the Festival is not a compromise, but a different way to reach the, perhaps even wider, audiences, discover the rich variety of Asian cultures, and explore the contemporary voice of Asia through different media.'

The program of the Festival includes films that provoke discussion, comment on the crucial political and social phenomena, but also productions experimenting with new forms of storytelling, inspiring with the possibilities of new technologies, providing insight into the worlds that we perhaps didn't even know existed. Looking at the final selection, we realized that we were also subconsciously looking for films talking about closeness, interpersonal bonds, and making real connections, which we all desperately need in these difficult times.

We invite you for a journey through tasted, colors, and sounds of the Asian continent, hoping they can provide food for your thoughts and solace for your spirits.

How to watch?

All the films will be available on a special Five Flavours VOD platform. They will not have a set screening time – most of them will be available to watch at any given moment during the whole Festival. Some will be available for a limited period of time – if so, this information will be immediately visible on the title list.

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