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Welcome to the ramble in the peripheries with Japan: Out of Focus

05 November 2019
Demolition Girl, dir. Genta Matsugami

The cinema of Japanese peripheries – seriously and with a grain of salt. Independent films which explore themes absent from the mainstream and crazy comedies which mock the relations between the centre and the provinces. You will find it all in our festival section Japan: Out of Focus.

Young Japanese Cinema – new filmmakers, bold aesthetics, independent views and the madness of pop culture in their best dimensions. The main thread are Japanese peripheries – all that lacks in mainstream narrations.

Every year Five Flavours seeks to familiarize its audience with the cinematography of a chosen country. In the past editions, we focused, among others, on North Korea, Taiwan and Bhutan, especially popular among the spectators. This year, festival viewers will get a chance to discover a lesser-known face of Cherry Blossom Land. Our section Japan: Out of Focus contains ten films in various stylistics which create an intriguing picture of what lurks on the outskirts of big cities.

We would like to bring your special attention to the film “Flowers of Evil” which will have its international premiere at Five Flavours. What is more, the screening will be followed by a meeting with the director – Noboru Iguchi. 

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Japan: Out of Focus:
  • And Your Bird Can Sing / Kimi no tori wa utaeru, dir. Sho Miyake
  • Blue Hour / Buru awa ni buttobasu, dir. Yuko Hakota
  • One Cut of the Dead / Kamera o tomeru na! dir. Shinichiro Ueda
  • Flowers of Evil / Aku no hana, dir. Noboru Iguchi
    international premiere
    guest: Noboru Iguchi
  • Going the Distance / Kazoku e, dir. Yujiro Harumoto
  • Demolition Girl / JK ereji, dir. Genta Matsugami
    guest: Genta Matsugami
  • Mr. Long / Ryu san, dir. SABU
  • The Gun / Ju, dir. Masaharu Take
  • Fly me to Saitama / Tonde Saitama, dir. Hideki Takeuch
  • Born Bone Born / Senkotsu, dir. Toshiyuki Teruya (Gori)

All fans of independent Japanese cinema happy to broaden their knowledge on the topic are invited to read the article Złudny urok stabilności: japońskie kino niezależne (The illusion of stability: Independent Japanese cinema), created especially for Five Flavours by Ben Dimagmaliw, author of the blog indie-visual.net.

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