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Asian Academy in refreshed format! Check details of events programme

31 October 2019
Friendshit, dir. Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit

The hottest topics and extraordinary guests. Asian Academy comes back with an innovative programme.

This year Five Flavours viewers can take part in six unique events.

This year’s edition of Asian Academy – already liked by the audience – will be a bit different. Taking into account the suggestions made by the participants last year, we decided to facilitate access to all events. This is why we move from lecture rooms straight to the cinemas which host our festival! Such a solution will give the Five Flavours spectators a chance to attend screenings without resigning from taking part in the Asian Academy meetings.

See the list of events below.

Close encounters: Pema Tseden

Friday, 15 November, 8.30 p.m. at Kino Muranów

In 2016, Pema Tseden attracted the attention of our audience with his poetic "Tharlo", winning a special award from the NETPAC Jury. At the 13th edition of the festival, the director will personally present two extraordinary films. 

"Close encounters" meeting after Friday's screening of "Jinpa" at the Muranów Cinema will provide a chance for a longer conversation with the director. We will discuss his work, attempts to break with the stereotypical image of Tibet, connections between film and literature, shooting films in the unique scenery of the region and working with local actors. 

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G'rls ROOM: Filmmakers, actresses, idols: between niche and mainstream

Thursday, 14 November, 7.00 p.m. at Kino Muranów

How are women doing in the film and entertainment industry in Asia? Are they able to appear not only in arthouse cinema, but also in high-budget productions? How much do they earn compared to their colleagues? What difficulties do they face? Have they felt the changes caused by the #metoo movement? The editors of the feminist magazine "G'rls ROOM" will talk about all this with the female representatives of the industry present at the festival: director Heiward Mak, actress Crisel Consunji and producer Doris Yang.

The discussion will take place after the screening of "Nina Wu", a tale about a fiercely determined woman fighting for her dreams and standing against adverse structures of power.

  • Crisel Consunji 

  • Heiward Mak 

  • Doris Yang

  • Aleksandra Nowak - G’rls Room magazine 

The discussion will be held in English with Polish translation.

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Papaya Films & Five Flavours: The World of Asian Advertising

Friday, 15 November, 6 p.m. at Kino Muranów

What's so special about Asian commercials, which have been loved so much by the festival audience? A unique set of advertising clips (by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, among others) with comments from industry experts.

  • Wojciech Szwagrzyk - OneProduction

  • Piotr Onopa - director, Match&Spark

  • Kacper Dembek - Papaya Films

  • Moderator: Zdzisław Furgał - Papaya Rocks secretary

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Masterclass: Fruit Chan

Sunday, 17 November, 3.30 p.m. at Kino Muranów

Masterclass with Fruit Chan is a unique opportunity to meet one of the most expressive authors of the new Hong Kong cinema. The artist will share with the Polish audience his experiences from nearly three decades of working in the vibrant film industry in Hong Kong. How to make a film on a scrap of film tape? How to combine political and deeply personal themes? Where are the boundaries of film obscenity? The author, who rarely visits Europe, will answer these and many other questions.

The discussion will be held in Mandarin with simultaneous interpreting into Polish and English.

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NANG: The Scent of Boys - the premiere of the 7th issue of the magazine

Saturday, 16 November, 3.00 p.m. at Kinoteka, in the festival bookshop Tajfuny

Attention! Change of date!

An ambitious magazine NANG combines sophisticated design with insightful analysis of contemporary Asian cinema. Authors from all over the world and filmmakers themselves are looking at niche, avant-garde and borderline projects. A Five Flavours discussion with the editors will focus on the latest issue of the periodical, dedicated to excluded sexuality and LGBTIQ+.

  • Victor Fan and Earl Jackson – the editors of the 7th issue of NANG magazine

  • The host: Bartosz Żurawiecki – Replika magazine

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Premiere of the book: Made in Hong Kong. Cinema of the Times of Change

Saturday, 16 November, 12.15 p.m. at Kino Muranów

The Five Flavours library is expanding by another publication. At this year's festival, a new book will have its premiere: "Made in Hong Kong. Cinema of the time of change", focused on Hong Kong's cinematography from the 1980s to the present day, published together with Wydawnictwo w Podwórku.

The voices of critics, film experts and people directly connected with the Hong Kong film industry gathered in the book allow us to get to know the cinema of the turbulent period of transformations, which began with the signing of a declaration of handing over the British colony to China in 1984. The authors present the achievements of outstanding directors, discover less known faces of Hong Kong's genre cinema, analyze the production behind the scenes and create a multithreaded story about Hong Kong's vibrant, surprising and contrasting film culture.

  • Jagoda Murczyńska, Victor Fan, Maja Korbecka, Marcin Krasnowolski, Łukasz Mańkowski   – authors

  • The host: Klara Cykorz

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