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Weeds on Fire

Dian wu bu
dir. Steve Chan Chi-fat
Hong Kong 2016, 94’
subtitles: Polish and English

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Fr 19 Nov, 15:15
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Su 21 Nov, 10:00
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Awards and festivals
World premiere: Hong Kong International Film Festival Hong Kong Film Awards 2017 - Best New Performer, Best Original Film Song Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards 2017 - Film of Merit
Hong Kong 2016
Duration: 94’
director: Steve Chan Chi-fat
screenplay: Chan Chi Fat
cinematography: O Sing-pui
editing: Chan Chi Fat, Leung Cheuk Lam
music: Day Tai
cast: Liu Kai Chi, Lam Yiu Sing, Wu Tsz Tung Tony, Sun Li-min, Tam Hedwig, Sham Ka-ki
producer: Chan Hing Kai, O Sing-pui
production: Film Development Fund of Hong Kong, Flash Glory
language: Cantonese
colouration: colour

Film description

In 1984, the future of the people of Hong Kong stared to feel uncertain – the agreement between the UK and China stated that the status of the region will change in 13 years. In the shadow of great political processes, Lu Kwong-Fai, the headmaster of a school in a rundown Shatin district, started a youth football team Shatin Martins, with himself as the trainer. The story of the players from difficult backgrounds, united by one common goal, has already become the city's history. "Weeds on fire" focuses not only on the incredible process of forging the team's collectivity and its early successes, but also on the stories of two friends. We see them grow up in the narrow labyrinth of concrete houses, experiencing their first loves and making their first serious life decisions. "Weeds on fire" is an honest, unassuming story about the steadfastness of human spirit in confrontation with challenges and powerful opponents.

Hong Kong is not an Olympic powerhouse and is not famous for sports films – except for those featuring the rivalry among martial arts students. But the mass protests of the middle of last decade have created a need for motivational stories. The filmmakers managed to find consolation in sports - thus the unobtrusive link between the modern age and the nostalgic look at the golden years of the past. Today, after China has imposed a harsh censorship on Hong Kong cinema, making this film would probably not be possible.

Marcin Krasnowolski

Steve Chan Chi-fat

Graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University film school in 2012. His final project "Feeling Better," was shown at a number of film festivals. After getting his degree, Chan started working for the local TV station TVB as the youngest director in its history. To make his debut, he participated in the first edition of First Feature Film Initiative, a program aimed at discovering new film talents. Chan won – this is how "Weeds on Fire" came to life.


2012 Feeling Better (film krótkometrażowy)

2016 Pół kroku / Dian wu bu / Weeds on Fire

2016 3 x 1 (serial telewizyjny)

2017 My Very Short Marriage (miniserial telewizyjny)

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